The Mountain Creek Neighbourhood Watch Group has been working hard to encourage the local Glenfilds residents to utilise their local park facilities and have facilitated the installation of

Glenfields Neighbourhood Park

New exercise machines

three new exercise machines and a BBQ table and seat combo.  This was made possible by securing a grant from QLD Neighbourhood Watch and our local councillor, Christian Dickson.

NHW are encouraging the locals to get outside with the additions of the BBQ table and seating and the exercise equipment.  NHW will continue to work with council to have a shaded area installed over the BBQ area to keep people protected from the summer heat.  The exercise equipment was the final stage of a three stage programme that was started about  eight years ago, with the first stage being the

Recreation Trail

Recreational Walk beside Mountain Creek, which now joins the Glenfields and Mountain Creek suburbs.

The BBQ table will have a commemorative plaque installed reminding residents that NHW is still around looking after the local residents best interests

New BBQ table and seating


This plaque will also commemorate Mountain Creek’s 25th Anniversary, with celebrations being held later in the year in October.

NHW would like to contact people that have been involved in NHW over the past 25 years in both the Mountain Creek areas and Glenfields, so if you have details of any of these people please let us know, so that we can invite them to join in our celebrations.

Since giving up our bi-monthly delivered newsletter about 2 years ago NHW has turned to social media with an online Police Blog (my police sunshine coast) and the introduction of our own Facebook page.  If you know someone that would be interested in being added to our FB page, please send a friend request letting us know, as this is by invitation only to join Mountain Creek NHW Facebook page. Contact Area Co-Ordinator Wendy Walker.





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